Des citations diverses de john lors de concerts, d' interviews...

"I love the spirits that are inside me, i don't give a fuck about this body" (london 2001).

"If it wasn't for Anthony Kiedis, i wouldn't have written any of these songs for the really last two years"(New York 2001).

"I don't care if what you think i am is really what i am. What you think i am is way more important than what i really am"(london 2001)

"My songs i write them like i play them for one person and then when i see so many people going out to it, i feel so happy. You know how big you all are, everyone of you is like an hundred spirits to me"(london 2001).

"Somebody who spends their days absorbed in this music that i've been making with the chili peppers and in my solo music that i make, i know that's having a good impact on them. Like i know it's coming from a completly healthy place. I know the spirits that helped me do it are wonderful parts of the universe(...)And i just know that's healthy for people"(OTM 2000).

"I never had to get a job or anything 'cause i ended up joining the chili peppers like the day my dad told me he wouldn't give me anymore money"(BTM 1999).

"I'm very connected to these 3 people (AK, flea, chad) because i feel like i was born to play music with them"(1999).

"William Burroughs always talks about the world is nothing but allies and ennemies. And it's important to understand what things around you are the ennemies and a lot of the time your worst ennemy is your ego"(funky monks 1991).

"I just deteriorated so much that i was ready to die and all i can remember is i wanted a gun bad so i could shoot myself, you know, my heart had broken completly"(1999, about his dark period).

"Michael Stipe, i met him also as a person, and i don't give a fuck about him as a person because he seems to be totally full of himself. But my image of him is beautiful and i love him you know, not the human being, my image of him"(london 2001).

"I'm not really a star-oriented kind of guy."

"I don't see any value in sitcoms on any level for anybody. I just think they should be banned."

"Lately, i just haven't been having sex 'cause i just don't enjoy it. I just stopped enjoying sex at one point so right now, i just concentrate on writing music for the album"(1991, a few weeks before the recording of bssm).

"It's rare for me to feel a sexual attraction that just flows to my bowls."

"You see, one time i used to have this girlfriend named Amanda and we were always breaking up and she was crazy, she was just completely nuts. And this girl is so crazy that one time she was on her period and we were playing strip card game, we were stripping, me and her and her friend and my friend Bill. We were all completely naked and then the loosing team had to eat/lick one part of the winning team body, that they said, and then she took her bloody tampon from the girl who was on the winning team, completely bloody, she had to lick the tampon. Not only did she lick a little bit of the tampon but she put it in her mouth and sucked it like if it was a cock. A really bloody brown tampon. It was awfull. She's a nuts"(...)"You ask how i deal with all the girls who want to fuck me. These are the types of girls that keep showing up so that's why i don't have sex anymore, 'cause i don't have the energy to deal with these kinds of situations anymore because i want to deal with playing music".(vpro 1991).

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